Meal Plan: Week of 2/23/14

Hi All!  Here’s what I’ll be doing in the kitchen next week (starting Feb. 23rd):

Breakfast: bacon, oatmeal, bananas
Lunch: pasta*, leftovers
Dinner: yogurt, Greek omelettes, apple slices

Breakfast: eggs, bread of choice (oatmeal, biscuits, toast, cereal, etc.)
Lunch: fresh fruit of choice, peanut butter sandwiches
Dinner: Balsamic Pot Roast, side of broccoli
Notes/Extra: soak wheat for biscuits

Breakfast: biscuits, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: applesauce, eggs, bread of choice
Dinner: Bacon-wrapped chicken strips, peas, pommes persillade (roasted potatoes)

Breakfast: bacon, smoothies, bread of choice (oatmeal, biscuits, toast, cereal, etc.)
Lunch: leftovers, fruit of choice
Dinner: chili (no recipe! I usually make it up as I go)
Notes/Extra: will make applesauce fruit strips

Breakfast: eggs, bread of choice
Lunch: yogurt, peanut butter spoons, fruit of choice
Dinner: Grain-free Greek stuffed Chicken breasts (recipe soon!), peas

Breakfast: bacon, smoothies, bread of choice
Lunch: peanut butter sandwiches, fruit of choice
Dinner: Beef Stew (recipe soon!), Vegan Ginger Snap cookies (making a double batch… so next week I can make a cleaned-up/real-food version of this lemon pie!)
Notes/Extra: soak wheat for bread tomorrow

Breakfast: pancakes, applesauce
Lunch: leftovers, scrambled eggs
Dinner: Sesame Chicken (subbing arrowroot powder for all cornstarch, olive oil for all vegetable oil), rice, broccoli
Notes/Extra: will make loaf of bread

*My kids/husband have “conventional” pasta every Sunday.  This is the white-flour-cheap kind, and is really their major “cheat” meal of the week.  I do not partake, primarily because I feel pretty awful after white flour.

What are you up to this week?


One thought on “Meal Plan: Week of 2/23/14

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