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Good Gravy! and my failure to thrive

I am from West Virginia which means I should literally bleed gravy!  I can not make traditional gravy to save my life.  I have watched my mom make gallons of it.  I have read recipes.  I have watched you tube videos on it.  I could not do it until now.

I have been filling my freezer with lots of stuff this fall and since it is almost full, I have been cooking beef roast to make room for more.  Every time, I throw away the broth.  There simply is not any reason wasting time trying to make it.

Sarah sent me a link to this recipe on how to make “Real” gravy using arrowroot powder.  It worked like a charm the first time trying.  I really think that God was allowing me to fail so that I could find a healthier way to consume it.

Visit the site and give it a try:

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