Just a Monday…

I grew up in a house that almost always ate meals at the table together.  It was understood that life happened together, and that included meal prep, consuming, and clean-up.  We usually had a set table as well.  I am trying to do that as much as possible.  I have always remained close to my parents, and I think my sisters would say something similar.  I don’t think it is coincidental.  Every meal that I share with my family, I learn something new about my little ones heart.  Somehow as food goes in, thoughts go out.  It is a phenomenon that I cherish.  Another blessing that comes from this is that my children learn table manners. We have always taken them to restraunts, and it is usually a good experience.  Why?  Because we practice at home.  It may take me an extra five minutes, but it is so worth it.  20140224_180003


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