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Confession Time

In blogosphere it’s really easy to hide your identity, what’s really going on with oneself.  And I suppose the same could be said for social media, across the board – you only post what you want to post, only show what you want to show.  If someone reveals too much about you, posts an embarassing picture, whatever, you can have it blocked, untag yourself, etc.  It’s relatively easy to control your public image and not show your true self.  It’s all scrubbed up and sparkly clean.

Which we ALL know to be unrealistic.  We have problems, hurts, hang-ups.  We have struggles, things we’re battling, relationships that are hurting.  I post alot of information, helpful recipes, comments on our facebook page, but let me just clear one thing up for everyone out in internet-land:  I struggle with eating the right things, making the right choices, being healthy just like everyone else.  I do not have it all together.

So here’s the real truth on my eating:

1) I gained weight back at Christmas.   I feel like everyone kind of rolls their eyes in mutual sympathy… I mean, who doesn’t gain weight through the holidays?  The goodies are present in MASS.  And even the “clean” ones are still laden with sweeteners and carbohydrates that our bodies just don’t need (in the gross amounts we typically consume Halloween through New Year’s).

2) It took me until about a month or so ago to retrace my steps and get back to where I was.  (I think I had gained about 10-15 pounds back in the holidays)

3) And now I’m horribly stuck/plateaued.


Reality is… I just love my breads and bread-like products.  I adore dairy (read: cheese).  Enjoying a glass of wine (or some other kind of hard liquor) is something I LOVE doing after the girlies are in bed. I’m also incredibly guilty of snacking and mindless eating.   I do get up throughout the day, but most of my work is done at a computer in a sitting position.

I don’t think dairy and grains are inherently bad when produced properly, prepared in a way that your body can digest, and consumed in moderation.  As it stands now, our family has no major allergies or food sensitivities.  My family can eat most anything (in moderation, of course) and not have any problems.

Soaked oats are a favorite around here!

Soaked oats are a favorite around here!

There’s a H-U-G-E part of me that knows this is also age.  To protect the fake-sense-of-security I have, I will not post my exact age, but let’s just say I know it’s creeping up there, I’m not the spring chicken I once was, and my body is now on the (albeit, slow) decline.  Did you know I’m pretty sure I’ve got arthritis in my fingers?! I mean, how did this happen to me?! How did I get so OLD?! (Sorry for the bunny-trail.)

All things being equal, though, I don’t want to use age as an excuse.  Do I know that weight is only going to be harder to get off the more I age? Absolutely.  But I don’t want that to enable me to not try as hard.

Eating whole foods is about honoring your body, and feeding it what it needs to be healthy. I don’t think think the goal of healthy eating should be to lose weight, or to get to a certain weight.   A huge part of my crusade is healthfulness, not a number.  However, I’m not dumb… I know I CAN be that weight-number that I’ve got in my head because I once was that number.  I know that I’ve carried babies and that my body is much, much, much different than that 18 year old body and that it’ll never come back.  BUT – I know that I CAN lose weight, because I have.  I also know that when I eat well, and eat whole foods, I lose weight.  Which means FOR ME: weight loss = healthfulness.

I also know that I’m indulging in too much.  Too much mindless eating.  Too much eating when I’m not hungry.  Not letting myself get hungry.   I’m not eating enough vegetables.  I’m not drinking enough water.  I’m not pushing myself in exercise.  I need a jump start.  This is all tied to famines and what my body interprets as nutrition.  Furthermore, I am beginning to experience the digestive issues I do when I eat too much carbs and not enough vegetables.

Chopped Vegetables, Confession Time - Foodies Gone Real

SO!  I’m making a 2 week challenge (for myself).  Please, please, PLEASE don’t just copy whatever I’m doing.  Some people can tolerate a little bit of soaked/ancient grains, others can’t get within 10 feet of it.  Just because my body can handle some things (or not) does not mean your body is the same.

How did I pick what I’m doing?  Well … I know what’s tripping me up.  Things that add nutrition and value to my body should be the things I consume most.  I know this is not the case, so what am I choosing to consume instead?  Well, those are the things I am going to limit.

Here’s what I’m doing, effective today, for two weeks:

  • I’m cutting all grains.  This includes wheat, rice, oats among other things.
  • I am limiting my cheese to not more than 1/2 an ounce per meal.
  • I will eat at least two servings of vegetables at every meal.
  • One grain-free/gluten-free sweet treat a day. It will not exceed 100 calories.  (This will likely end up being chocolate chunks or chocolate roasted nuts.)
  • I will do aerobic exercise 5 times a week, and maintain my target heart-rate for at least 20-25 minutes of that exercise. (How to calculate here.)

My lack of weight loss has everything to do with the general healthfulness of the rest of my body.  This may not be true for everyone – especially those with thyroid or other hormonal issues.  Posting more “personal” stuff here, I’m hoping, will give me greater accountability.  If you don’t tell other people what you’re doing, then there’s a) no one there to check in on you and see how you’re doing and b) no one to encourage you, either.

So now it’s time for your part – will you check in on me?  Ask me if I’m keeping my end of the bargain?  If you keep yours, I’ll most likely keep mine, too.



Eating and Famines

This is a post from Sarah.  At some point we’ll get two users set up on the blog so you can see who is posting what… but for now, I’ll just announce myself. ;-)

And the REASON it’s important you know who is speaking is because while we love each other to the moon and back, Eleilia and I do food a little different from each other.  The principles Eleilia follows are commonly identified as strict Paleo.  You can find out some great definitions on what types of food here.  The biggest thing to draw your attention to is the image on this page provided by BalancedBites:


I follow the Weston A. Price Foundation philosophy on food, Eleilia does not.  To put it simply: I do dairy and soaked grains.  Eventually, I’ll do a post  on soaked grains, but for now just understand that this is NOT as simple as cooking with 100% whole wheat.  It’s a process of preparing the grains so that your body can absorb the nutrition.  As far as the dairy is concerned…. I have no qualms admitting I am an addict.  It would take a severe allergy or intolerance for me to give it up.

That being said about soaked grains and dairy — I do limit my intake significantly of these two items.  The dairy- because I can’t get much of any raw dairy.  I can get grass-fed cheese and butter (let’s hear it for kerrygold!), but not raw, which is the preferred format of dairy. That, and I’m on a budget.  I’m already going primarily organic, and raw on top of organic is just plain-ole expensive.  I limit my soaked grains because, while soaking does allow the grains to be nutrient-dense, it’s still a carbohydrate… and I am not an athlete.  I have no need for an overabundance of carbs.  Furthermore, I am overweight.  A love of carbs is half of what got me into this spot, and my body needs to be burning off all the storage I’ve been building up.

Which brings me to my last point…. all of this information about what is good food and what isn’t is fine and good, but here’s my absolute bottom line of deciding what to eat:  My body thought I was in a famine of sorts.  Yes, I was eating…. but I wasn’t eating nutritious things that my body would interpret as food.  So day in, day out, I was consuming calories that my body did not interpret as food.  So if your body thinks you’re starving, it’ll add some cushion, and at minimum, not let go of the fat.  This was proven when I cut ALL processed food, and kept it to food that had nutritional value (vitamins, healthy fats, etc)… and dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks.  Suddenly, my body was FED and had no need for my cushion.  I was out of a famine.

A little info about me…us..our friendship from my prespective

I met Sarah at church.  More specifically a Southern-Baptist, Italian-preacher church.  So it should not surprise anyone that every activity that we have ever done involved food.  We love it! We love how it smells.  We love to find new things and share our finds with each other, and quite frankly we love our old tried and true comfort recipes.   However, after having babies and living somewhat of a stressful life, my body was not in the shape I wanted it in. I had been considering a change for a while, but one day as I was changing my closets, I had had enough.  I was going to start eating Paleo.  I just decided it!  I went to Sarah’s that afternoon for a party and told her.  I expected her to be somewhat supportive, but I had no idea how much of a help she would be.  She had already started making small steps of eating differently, and she was researching how to eat even better.  Sarah researches things to death!  I am the other extreme, I ask a few friends what to do then just do it.  I like to see how it is going to work.  Sometimes, I fail miserably!  But there is always a learning process.  So we compliment each other well.  She will send me a recipe that sounds interesting, and then I can’t wait to try it out.  There will be things on this blog that we disagree on, but don’t worry because on Sunday… I will be wanting to worship with my friend.  This is just a place for us to read one another’s prospective, and a place for you to learn as well about how to manage the gift God has given us…our bodies :)

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