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Cajun Beans + Rice, and Fish If Ya Want It

In this house, we do SPICE.


Sometimes, we enjoy a good tongue-burning experience, and I ain’t lying.

We do flavor.  This is not a surprise if you’ve followed for awhile… chilisloppy joesBBQ saucechicken wings… even pumpkin pie oatmeal.  All of this oozes flavor.

This is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite “I need something quick and easy” meals.  It’s quick and easy because beans are already cooked, rice takes so little time to prep, and fish cooks QUICKLY. You don’t have to add the fish to make it enjoyable, but it helps us move towards the “one meal in one pan” kind of thing.  (It’s not an entire meal in one skillet though. Eat your veggies!  You could always saute some green peppers and onions to throw in!)

I do cook a large pot of beans regularly, and then freeze it into smaller portions.  This is WAY WAY WAY cheaper than canned beans, and healthier too.  When you soak and cook them, you reduce the phytic acid (which prevents you from absorbing nutrition), and consequently you are less gassy. :)  (You’re welcome!)

I do this in a crockpot.  If you’d like more information on my process, you can read about it here in this post from Deep Roots at Home.  (Or just google it.  There’s LOTS of info out there on soaking beans.)


Personally, it’s better to do it in large amounts, which is why I go with the crockpot.  It’s not labor intensive, just takes time (as does all good/real food!).

My finished beans:


Here are the basic ingredients:

Fish filet (This pictures 4 small Cod filet)
butter for frying (go grass-fed! it’s the healthy butter!)
1 cup prepared rice
1/2 cup prepared beans (pictured are kidney beans)
1/2 to 1 tbl favorite cajun spice blend (depending on your favored level of spice! we do 1 tbl and it’s pretty hot)

Fry up your fish in the butter.


Throw in your rice and beans.


Mix them together (the fish will likely fall apart, but that’s ok!), and sprinkle your spice mix, and mix until well combined.

You may have to add more butter as you go to prevent sticking.  I definitely had to as I was using stainless steel, not cast iron.


And voila! Yes, it’s that easy.

We served ours with some of my much loved roasted tomatoes with cheese. (And I really wish I had thought of green peppers and onions before writing this post! That would be a phenomenal add!)

Do you do spice? Flavor?  What’s your favorite flavor explosion?


Take-out night: Fried Rice

This week (and next) I spending some time away from meal plans and posting a few recipes I’ve had up my sleeve the last few months for awhile…


Fried Rice Cooking!

This is becoming one of my favorite side dishes because it’s easy to turn it into a filling meal.  You have a starch, vegetables, a little bit of protein, and it’s very easy to add more – cook your shrimp, chicken breast, etc. before you start the process and BINGO! A balanced meal.  I think I also like it because you can prep this stuff in advance… you can cook the egg, thaw the peas, cook the rice.  Night of, really… you just throw it all in a pan, and presto!

Unless you’re my husband and this is just enough as a main dish.  What can I say… I married a steak-and-potatoes kind of guy.  (Well, really, a ravioli and meatballs kind of guy, but that’s another story for another day.)  However, this often “does it” for my lunch — I rarely need to add much more to this.  Needless to say, it reheats well, and I often make a large batch and just munch on it throughout the week.

There are two variations, sticky or mushy.  Really, depends on your preference.  I happen to be a mush-food-loving-girl so that’s often how I fix it.  What changes it?  If your peas are fresh/thawed or still frozen when you throw them in the pan.  Throwing them in frozen means you’re going to get water added back to the dish, making it slightly more “mushy”.  If you like sticky fried rice, make sure your peas have no excess water.

I would like to add that I use white rice, and that has to do with the phytic acid content being found in the bran that makes rice “brown rice”.  Granted, brown rice adds more fiber, but I’m not particularly interested in wasting all the nutrition in the rest of my meal on the phytic acid in the bran. So, white rice for me.

  1. 2 1/2 cups cooked white rice (you can add more or less depending on your liking)
  2. 1 egg, fried, cut into small pieces
  3. 2+ tablespoons of grass-fed butter
  4. 1 small onion, chopped
  5. 1/2 carrot, shredded, matchsticks, or cut into thin strips (I usually use my peeler)
  6. 1 cup of peas frozen or thawed (see notes above about peas)
  7. Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Soy Sauce
  8. dash of tumeric (optional)
  9. dash of ginger (optional)

Heat your skillet and add the butter.  You may need to add more butter as you cook if the food starts to stick, so have some around/ready.

Add those onions and carrots and cook!

Onions+Carrots for Fried Rice

Once the onions have started to become translucent, add all the rice and fry it in that yummo butter.

Adding the Rice - Fried Rice

Watch for the rice sticking to the bottom – may need to add more butter!

Once it is thoroughly mixed, dump the peas in.  Notice mine are frozen (if you look carefully you can see the ice).  If you’re using frozen rice, you’ll need to keep the heat on medium, and I recommend covering it with a lid to help it melt faster. You can move to the next step once it’s all melted and mixed in. If you’re using fresh/thawed, just stir until combined.


Once your peas are mixed, this is where you make it look like take out! Throw a good smattering of soy sauce on the pan and scrape, scrape, scrape all the goodness off the bottom of the pan (shouldn’t be much since you’ve been adding butter!).  Then, give a dusting of tumeric and ginger… feel free to add more to your tastes, tumeric and ginger and SUPER good for you! (Think anti-imflammatory!)

Mix in your fried egg, and voila! Fried rFried Riceice!



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