Meal Plan – Week of 3/2/14

Hi again! It’s time for the weekly post of my meal plans.  I know the last several weeks (here, here, & here) I gave some tips or suggestions on how to make this work.  I think I forget that I developed meal planning over a long period of time, and it took awhile to work out the kinks.  It never fails that every week I think of something else I “figured out” and would need to share with you so it works for you too.

So, here’s tip/explanation to these meal plans for this week:  I always, always, always make a little extra.  We don’t love eating leftovers meal after meal, but we don’t mind having a little bit the next day.  My goal is that I have a plan for every single meal for every single day that includes “new” food (in other words, I’m making it right then).  We figure that the worst that will happen is that I’m still prepared for every meal because we loved it so much there were no leftovers.  What often happens -at at a certain point during the week, my fridge is full of leftovers and I call off the plan for the next meal and we do leftover lunch/dinner.  The plus side is this: more often than not, it builds extra meals into my budget.  It means that in a crisis (financial, medical, etc.) there is almost always food in the house.  Sometimes, I just bump the “skipped” meal to the next week.

Lastly… we always drink kale juice to help with the veggies and sneak leafy greens into smoothies!

Anyway.  Without further adieu …. the plan!


Breakfast: eggs, soaked biscuits, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: pasta*, leftovers
Dinner: Sloppy Joes (substituting rapadura for brown sugar), smoothies
Notes/Extra: make homemade chocolate chunks for snacking


Breakfast: bread of choice, fruit of choice, eggs
Lunch: yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches (can’t emphasize it enough: SOAKED bread!)
Dinner: Beef Bourgignon with Roasted Carrots


Breakfast: Coconut Flour crepes, served with fruit or maple syrup, bacon
Lunch: smoothies, eggs
Dinner: homemade sprouted pasta (crossing my fingers it works!), peas, lemon chiffon pie (using vegan gingersnap cookies, substituting rapadura for white sugar, and no whipped cream)


Breakfast: eggs, smoothies
Lunch: teddy bear toast, fruit of choice
Dinner: Chicken with Rosemary and Mushroom Glaze, mashed potatoes, broccoli
Notes/Extra: make homemade fruit roll-ups


Breakfast: yogurt, bread of choice
Lunch: eggs or egg drop soup, fruit of choice,
Dinner: Beef Brisket with Bourbon Sauce, garlic toast (soaked bread), green beans
Notes/Extra: Soak wheat for biscuits


Breakfast: soaked biscuits, bacon
Lunch: smoothies, peanut butter jelly sandwiches
Dinner: Pizza with paleo pizza crust (will slow-cook homemade red sauce during the day)
Notes/Extra: soak wheat for bread tomorrow


Breakfast: Coconut Flour donut holes, bacon, fruit of choice
Lunch: fresh bread, yogurt, peanut butter spoons
Dinner: Grilled Korean Steak, rice, broccoli
Notes/Extra: soak oats for pumpkin pie oatmeal

*this is the big “cheat” meal for my family.  I don’t partake because it never fails that white-flour-pasta makes me feel blah!


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