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Meal Plan 6/5 – 6/11

So we had a surprise guest this weekend! My mom came up for a visit… so that pretty much meant that my meal plan went out the window for the end of last week and then again yesterday (Sunday).  So do forgive for being an incomplete/repeat on some things… but it was worth it and for good reason. :)

Sarah and her Momma

Breakfast: cinnamon toast, apple slices with peanut butter, scrambled eggs mixed with salmon, cream cheese, chives
Lunch: salads with colby jack cheese, ham, ranch (and lots and lots of veggies!), vanilla yogurt
Dinner:Hot dogs with GF buns, smoothies (bananas, berries, yogurt, spinach), baby carrots
Snacks, Other: munching on some of these leftover cookies from Mommypotamus.  TO DIE FOR.  Soakin’ oats for oatmeal tomorrow morning.
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: leftover hotdogs, cucumbers, yogurt, raspberries/blueberries

Breakfast: oatmeal, bacon, watermelon
Lunch: asparagus with hollandaise sauce (leftovers!), scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes, apple + PB
Dinner: salmon, baked potatoes, green beans
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: homemade lunchable, carrots + PB, watermelon

Breakfast: french toast, cottage bacon, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: radish + cottage cheese (for me!), sandwiches for the rest of the crew, fruit of choice
Dinner:  chicken tikka masala from The Domestic Man (plain chicken for my picky kiddos), cauliflower, rice
Snacks, Other: making bread today, homemade caramel corn
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow:  leftover raviolis with red sauce, watermelon, carrots + PB

Breakfast: leftover oatmeal/toast, scrambled eggs, fruit of choice
Lunch: leftover chicken, cucumber slices
Dinner: chili (or maybe chicken soup! weather is supposed to be crummy so I’m playing by ear)
Snacks, Other: making muffins.  Not sure which, yet! Maybe these carrot muffins here
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: peanut butter jelly, cucumber slices, fruit of choice, cheese slices

Breakfast: breakfast sausage from The Prairie Homestead (I make a huge batch and just thaw as I need!), muffins, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: cobb salad with hard boiled eggs + bacon, fresh fruit of choice, yogurt
Dinner:  birthday party for the kids! I’m going to have a protein shake (with berries + spinach added) and leftovers for the hubby

Breakfast: einkorn waffles!, bacon, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: making more bread (I’m tired of running out!), so fresh bread, veggie sticks, fresh fruit.  cheese/ham slices
Dinner: steak, baked or mashed potatoes, green beans

Meal Plan 5/29 – 6/4

The food budget resets this week, my local farmer’s market begins again, and a trip to Trader Joe’s is in the plans! Trader Joe’s is NOT local to me, so it’s a “stock up” for things I can’t get as cheap locally. Girl’s on a budget.  I have a hybrid so I’m not losing all much money by making the drive. I try to go at least once every two months.  My FAVORITES are the canned cream coconut and salsa verde.  You HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE MISSING until you try this stuff!

I am watching my carb intake (medical issues) and cutting gluten, which I mentioned in my recent recipe for gluten-free biscuits.  This is a meal plan for my family… it doesn’t mean I am eating it all, as the rest of my family is not gluten-free or watching their carb in-take.  (They aren’t anti-gluten-free, for which I’m thankful! We’ve been eating some gluten-free options for years just because the ingredients are healthier or easier for me to control.)

I use this post to create my grocery list, and then come back to it in the middle of the week so I remember what to thaw.  It’s not as big of a deal this week, but some weeks recipes “go” off each other: for example, I might roast a whole chicken one day because next day I’m going to use it to make homemade chicken salad.  I write this out as much for me as to help you!

At any rate, onward….

Breakfast: cereal/soaked oatmeal, cottage bacon, orange slices
Lunch: sandwiches/macaroni cheese, almonds, dried fruit (protein shake for me!)
Dinner: roasted broccoli, sun-dried tomato chicken sausage in red sauce (ravioli for those inclined)
Snacks, Other:  prepping peach + honey + yogurt Popsicle (they are that easy! just a mix of the three and freeze into molds)

Breakfast:soaked oatmeal, scrambled eggs, sliced kiwi
Lunch: ham/cheese roll-ups (or ham sandwiches for those inclined), baby carrots, applesauce
Dinner: Going out to eat! (Such a treat for us! Thankful for someone who surprised us with a gift to Chipotle!)
Snacks, Other:

Breakfast: leftover biscuits, fried eggs, sliced oranges
Lunch: salsa chicken (chicken cooked in salsa), sweet organic (GMO Free) corn, fajita-style onions (for me), cucumber slices
Dinner: sloppy joes (for me, on a sweet potato), green beans, peach honey popsicles
Snacks, Other:
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: carrots + peanut butter, applesauce, homemade lunchable

Breakfast: leftover coconut flour pancakes from Ditch the Wheat, maple breakfast sausage (easy recipe here from The Prairie Homestead), orange slices
Lunch: leftover sloppy joes, baby carrots
Dinner: Pig Dogs, baked potatoes, steamed cauliflower
Snacks, Other: soak oats for granola and dehydrate (recipe coming soon!)
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: peanut butter jelly sandwich, cucumbers, fresh fruit

Breakfast: homemade soaked granola + yogurt, fresh fruit, bacon
Lunch: cobb salad (lettuce, lots of veggies, homemade croutons on GF bread, mustard vinaigrette, hard-boiled egg), apple + peanut butter
Dinner: chicken broccoli alfredo
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: homemade lunchable, baby carrots + peanut butter, fresh fruit

Breakfast: leftover day, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs
Lunch: meat sauce, GF pasta for those inclined, cranberry+blue cheese+pecan salad
Dinner: whole roasted chicken in crockpot, green beans+bacon, sweet potatoes
Snacks, Other:  Making einkorn bread (from Jovial’s cookbook!), paleo cinnamon raisin muffins

Breakfast: zucchini onion and pepper fritatta,
Lunch: packed lunch as we are running errands (sandwiches for girls, dried fruit, protein shake for me)
Dinner: salmon, salads, macaroni and cheese
Snacks, Other: coconut mango ice cream

Meal Plan 5/15 – 5/21

Hooray, hooray, for this week’s meal plan!  Many of these recipes I’ve tried before… however, we are adding a wee bit of variety this week.  You are ALWAYS free to ask questions and I’m willing to share if it worked well or not.

P.S. – That meatloaf recipe below is INCREDIBLE.

Breakfast: cereal, bacon, strawberries/apples
Lunch: pasta, red sauce + sausage + zucchini
Dinner: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans (making extra potatoes to go with Shepherd’s Pie later in the week!),
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: macaroni and cheese, carrots + peanut butter, apple slices

Breakfast:homemade pineapple+beet+carrot juice, leftover GF biscuits, fried eggs with tomatoes and salsa
Lunch: salads with grilled chicken, cherries
Dinner: burgers, sweet potato fries, cucumbers, coleslaw
Snacks, Other:  making these sweet potato brownies from PaleoOMG
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: cucumbers, homemade lunchable, cherries

Breakfast: leftover oatmeal, scrambled eggs, sliced oranges
Lunch: cherries, leftovers (chicken, burgers), salads, (for me: radishes + cottage cheese)
Dinner: This Salmon Dish from Let’s Hang Out, cabbage stir-fry
Snacks, Other: Make these Cranberry Orange Spice Pumpkin Muffins from Gutsy By Nature
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: grapes,  PB+J, cucumbers

Breakfast: Leftover muffins I made yesterday, breakfast sausage, pineapple + beet + carrot juice
Lunch: ham + cheese + lettuce rollups, grapes (I might make chicken salad! Depends on how much leftover chicken I still have. My girls are NOT big protein eaters.)
Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie, roasted broccoli (I don’t have a written recipe for this. Maybe future recipe post :) )
Snacks, Other: making this peanut butter + honey granola
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: homemade lunchable, apple+spinach squeezy pack, fresh fruit (whatever I still have at this point)

Breakfast: granola (I made yesterday) + plain yogurt + maple syrup, eggs, sliced pineapple
Lunch: fresh fruit, leftover shepherds pie
Dinner: Monterey Chicken (grilled chicken + BBQ + cheese +green onions), fresh fruit, green beans, macaroni + cheese
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: leftover mac+cheese, carrots+PB, fresh fruit

Breakfast: leftovers (I should have plenty by this time!), cottage bacon, fruit of choice
Lunch: leftovers… cleaning out the fridge!
Dinner: Mission Trip Dinner! (bringing fruit to pass)
Snacks, Other: prepping bread for this recipe from The Elliott Homestead

Breakfast: coconut flour pancakes from Ditch The Wheat, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: fresh bread, cucumbers, yogurt, fresh fruit of choice
Dinner: Church Potluck! I’m bringing this real-food broccoli casserole

Meal Plan for Week of 08-10-14

Hello again!

Time for what’s up in my kitchen this week!

You might notice a small difference with our veggie portion of our meals:  We are participating in this year’s CSA (community-shared agriculture) from a local farm; I don’t often have a lot of notice on WHAT we’re getting this week, but I know we’re getting alot!

If you see some repeats from recent meal plans it’s either 1) we really loved it and want it again or 2) I didn’t get to make it.  How is this possible if I’m sticking to my meal plan?  EASY! I always make enough for leftovers, and we have at least one or two meals a week that become leftovers ONLY.

Small disclaimer:  I’ve made many of these recipes, but not all! If you’d like to know which ones I find tried and true, just ask!


BREAKFAST: pumpkin pie oatmeal, bacon, blueberries
LUNCH: cucumbers in greek dressing, hamburgers, smoothies (hidden spinach)
DINNER: Buttery Roasted Chestnuts, Chicken Kiev, mini chop salad
EXTRAS: make chocolate coconut bars for snacks this week, make chocolate zucchini bread,


BREAKFAST:  scrambled eggs; choice of biscuit, bread, or oatmeal; blueberries
LUNCH: bananas with peanut butter (sandwich, for those inclined), steamed broccoli, homemade yogurt with toppings of choice
DINNER: garbage-free chic-fil-a nuggets, *CSA veggies*, sweet potato fries (recipe soon!)


BREAKFAST: coconut flour pancakes (I add blueberries), sliced apples (with peanut butter),
LUNCH: cucumbers in greek dressing, smoothies, BLT sandwiches
DINNER: ribs slow-cooked in this BBQ sauce, Bacon-wrapped green beans (recipe soon!), roasted tomatoes (recipe soon on this, too!)
EXTRAS: soak flour for bread


BREAKFAST:   homemade pineapple+beet+carrot juice; french toast sticks,
LUNCH: grilled chicken with this rub, leftover bacon-wrapped green beans, homemade yogurt with chcoolate roasted nuts, fresh fruit of choice
DINNER: Balsamic glazed salmon (substitute healthy oil for canola!), rice*CSA Vegetable*
EXTRAS: make bread, soak flour for biscuit


BREAKFAST: biscuit, bacon, smoothies (hidden spinach!)
LUNCH: Peanut butter roasted chickpeas, bruschetta, *CSA Vegetable*, fresh fruit of choice
DINNER:paprika rosemary chicken, cucumbers in greek dressing, *CSA Vegetable*
EXTRAS:  healthy pumpkin pie


BREAKFAST: sprouted flour blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, homemade pineapple+beet+carrot juice
LUNCH: peanut butter jelly sandwiches, fresh fruit of choice, *CSA Veggie*
DINNER:  chop salads, sweet potato brownies
EXTRAS: soak flour for bread, make cleaned-up rice krispie treats


BREAKFAST: sprouted cheddar bacon scones, smoothies (hidden spinach!), fresh fruit of choice
LUNCH: paleo pretzels, roasted carrots and onions, fresh fruit of choice, leftover chicken from last night
DINNER: steak with paprika vinaigrette, *CSA vegetable*, rice
EXTRAS: bake bread,

Meal Plan – Week of 3/2/14

Hi again! It’s time for the weekly post of my meal plans.  I know the last several weeks (here, here, & here) I gave some tips or suggestions on how to make this work.  I think I forget that I developed meal planning over a long period of time, and it took awhile to work out the kinks.  It never fails that every week I think of something else I “figured out” and would need to share with you so it works for you too.

So, here’s tip/explanation to these meal plans for this week:  I always, always, always make a little extra.  We don’t love eating leftovers meal after meal, but we don’t mind having a little bit the next day.  My goal is that I have a plan for every single meal for every single day that includes “new” food (in other words, I’m making it right then).  We figure that the worst that will happen is that I’m still prepared for every meal because we loved it so much there were no leftovers.  What often happens -at at a certain point during the week, my fridge is full of leftovers and I call off the plan for the next meal and we do leftover lunch/dinner.  The plus side is this: more often than not, it builds extra meals into my budget.  It means that in a crisis (financial, medical, etc.) there is almost always food in the house.  Sometimes, I just bump the “skipped” meal to the next week.

Lastly… we always drink kale juice to help with the veggies and sneak leafy greens into smoothies!

Anyway.  Without further adieu …. the plan!


Breakfast: eggs, soaked biscuits, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: pasta*, leftovers
Dinner: Sloppy Joes (substituting rapadura for brown sugar), smoothies
Notes/Extra: make homemade chocolate chunks for snacking


Breakfast: bread of choice, fruit of choice, eggs
Lunch: yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches (can’t emphasize it enough: SOAKED bread!)
Dinner: Beef Bourgignon with Roasted Carrots


Breakfast: Coconut Flour crepes, served with fruit or maple syrup, bacon
Lunch: smoothies, eggs
Dinner: homemade sprouted pasta (crossing my fingers it works!), peas, lemon chiffon pie (using vegan gingersnap cookies, substituting rapadura for white sugar, and no whipped cream)


Breakfast: eggs, smoothies
Lunch: teddy bear toast, fruit of choice
Dinner: Chicken with Rosemary and Mushroom Glaze, mashed potatoes, broccoli
Notes/Extra: make homemade fruit roll-ups


Breakfast: yogurt, bread of choice
Lunch: eggs or egg drop soup, fruit of choice,
Dinner: Beef Brisket with Bourbon Sauce, garlic toast (soaked bread), green beans
Notes/Extra: Soak wheat for biscuits


Breakfast: soaked biscuits, bacon
Lunch: smoothies, peanut butter jelly sandwiches
Dinner: Pizza with paleo pizza crust (will slow-cook homemade red sauce during the day)
Notes/Extra: soak wheat for bread tomorrow


Breakfast: Coconut Flour donut holes, bacon, fruit of choice
Lunch: fresh bread, yogurt, peanut butter spoons
Dinner: Grilled Korean Steak, rice, broccoli
Notes/Extra: soak oats for pumpkin pie oatmeal

*this is the big “cheat” meal for my family.  I don’t partake because it never fails that white-flour-pasta makes me feel blah!

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