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Preparing for Busyness

As the holidays approach, so does all the demands of time.  The easiest thing to let go is healthy eating, but it could quickly turn into bad habits.  Tonight is one of those nights that I was just not sure how to get everything in.  I thought about this yesterday which saved my night.  Last night I made a huge batch of paleo spaghetti.  That ask only solved one problem, though. I still had to find time to actually have the children consume the food.  They have an audition at 5:30pm which could last for the rest of the night.  Sound familiar?  My solution – which might not be the best one for every day – was to feed them when they got home from their homeschool co-op.  So at 3:30pm we sat down to eat our dinner.  Crazy, I know!  But what child isn’t somewhat hungry at that hour anyway?  It isn’t a lifetime solution, but it works for tonight.  They probably will be hungry when we get home, and I have a fruit bowl waiting for them to snack on before bed time.  I feel like healthy eating at a bad time is better than unhealthy eating at a good time.  The good news is that there is leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, and tomorrow’s schedule is looking just as interesting as today’s!

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