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Easy Summer Meal Plan

Hello, hello!

This week we have a nuts week – we won’t be home ANY evening this week, which means I had to figure out how to eat real, wholesome food, without spending much time cooking.

How do I plan on doing this?  Some of it is going to be this weekend – I’m making sure I’m stocked up on homemade bread, zucchini muffins, fruit leather, pale-O’s cereal.  I am making homemade yogurt, soaked granola.  I’m soaking beans for chili, and also to have around to throw in as an extra side for meals (read: Husband needs more calories. He will get some beans this week!).  I’m relying more on these snacks this week to fill in meals and inbetween meals since we’re short on time.

Sound like alot?  Here’s the best part … NOT REALLY.  With exception to the bread, muffins and cereal, they are ALL “prep and wait” recipes.  In other words, you might do the “first” step and then not have to come back to it for several hours.  (And truthfully, the bread is a little bit like that, too!)

So… I hope this helps you plan out an easy week when you know you’re week is going to be nuts with little time to do things from scratch.  Folks, it’s possible!


BREAKFAST: toast, egg/hashbrown casserole, fresh fruit of choice
LUNCH: big batch of chili!, smoothies (hidden greens!)
DINNER:  Healthy Chicken Nuggets, homemade coleslaw, side salad with the dressing from this recipe


BREAKFAST:soaked oatmeal, fresh fruit of choice, pastured cottage bacon
LUNCH:  turkey, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce in almond-flour wrap, steamed broccoli, apple slices
DINNER: fried rice loaded up on chicken, cabbage stir fry


BREAKFAST: scrambled eggs, smoothies (hidden spinach!), toast with this soaked bread
LUNCH: Peanut butter jelly sandwiches, roasted garlic scapes, apple slices
DINNER:  pan-fried/grilled chicken with this spice rub, carrot salad with yogurt, side salad with the dressing from this recipe
EXTRAS: soak flour for biscuits


BREAKFAST: super berry smoothie, soaked biscuitshomemade breakfast sausage (I make a bunch at once, and then just pull out what I need from the freezer!)
LUNCH: sprouted pizza (using this dough recipe) + sauce and fresh mozzarella, fresh fruit of choice, *CSA Vegetable*
DINNER: Sloppy Joes (sub rapadura for brown sugar), *CSA Vegetable*


BREAKFAST: scrambled eggs, smoothies (hidden veggies!), toast with this soaked bread
LUNCH: apples with peanut butter, grilled chicken topped with BBQ Sauce, *CSA Vegetable*
DINNER: chop salad, toast, fresh fruit of choice


BREAKFAST: toast (from this soaked bread), homemade breakfast sausage, bananas + strawberries
LUNCH: leftover day!
DINNER: hot dogs with leftover chili, side salad with the dressing from this recipe  
EXTRAS: soak flour for bread


BREAKFAST: coconut flour pancakes with added blueberries, bacon
LUNCH: peanut butter sandwiches with homemade bread, fresh fruit, yogurt
DINNER: garlic chive green beans, tri-color sage potatoes, pomegranate-glazed baked chicken (I won’t roast a whole, maybe a half or pieces)
EXTRAS: bake bread,


zucchini muffins, sweet potato apple fruit leatherhomemade yogurt, soaked granolapale-O’s cereal

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