Meal Plan: 6/26 – 7/2

Can I just be real here for a minute?

(Haha.. I made a funny… this is Foodies Gone Real, afterall.)

I am really hating this last week of the month.  I try not to focus on it too much (just a “yay” for resourcefulness and when the budget officially resets).  I tried the envelope system – where I have so much money per week – but 1) I order stuff online (Wholeshare, SideHill Meats) and 2) Often these things need to be ordered by a certain time, and will give me more food than just what is for the week in which it hits my budget.  So that’s not a workable thing for me.

Anyone want to share some tips on how to not feel so desperate the last week? And no, going “off” budget is not really an option…

Ok, enough griping.  This is what I came up with this week:

Breakfast: cereal; eggs + garlic scapes and tomatoes
Lunch: chicken in red sauce, cranberry+pecan+blue cheese salad (ravioli for those so inclined)
Dinner:  turkey roll ups with this grain-free wrap from Real Food Outlaws, strawberries, radish + cottage cheese for me
Snacks, Other: chocolate roasted walnuts, making homemade mint ice cream (someday I’ll get to posting the recipe for this!)

MONDAY (I’m cooking earlier in the day on my lunch break to beat the heat, and also I’m teaching bible study in the evening so it’s just as well)
Breakfast: bacon, zucchini bread by Well Plated
Lunch: Greek meatballs (beef+feta+fresh oregano), side salads, roasted potatoes + garlic scapes, blueberries + whipped cream
Dinner: quesadillas with this grain-free wrap from Real Food Outlaws, salsa, sour cream
Snacks, Other: soaking oats for oatmeal, soak flour for English Muffins from The Elliott Homestead

Breakfast: oatmeal, homemade breakfast sausage from The Prairie Homestead, pineapple+beet+carrot juice
Lunch: leftover quesadillas, blueberries + whipped cream, homemade English Muffins
Dinner:  Chicken Broccoli Alfredo, (making GF pasta) smoothies, side salads
Snacks, Other:

Breakfast: English Muffins, scrambled eggs + garlic scapes and tomatoes, fruit of choice
Lunch: radish + cottage cheese for me, Leftover Alfredo
Dinner:  Apple chicken sausage, macaroni + cheese, side salads/cucumber slices
Snacks, Other: Weekly popcorn night :)

Breakfast: leftover oatmeal, scrambled eggs/sausage, blueberries + whipped cream
Lunch: large cobb salad with bacon
Dinner: steak, potatoes, side salads

Breakfast: coconut flour pancakes from Ditch the Wheat with blueberries, scrambled eggs
Lunch: leftovers! PB&J as needed to fill in
Dinner: more leftovers, will rely on large cobb salads as necessary (but I gotta get out of the house and do my grocery shopping!!)
Snacks, Other: soak flour for bread from The Elliott Homestead

Breakfast: Einkorn Muffins (not sure yet what, but will be pulling from Jovial’s cookbook), scrambled eggs, blueberries + whipped cream
Lunch: fresh bread, carrots/cucumber slices, fresh fruit of choice
Dinner: Brined/grilled chicken (my recipe in progress!), GF cheese + garlic biscuits (my own recipe! work in progress), veggies (will see what we get from CSA this week!)


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