Meal Plan 6/19 – 6/25

Let’s hear it again for no more packed lunches! School’s not out yet – she still has half-days – but I am soooo glad to have her back under the roof for lunch and onward as I mentioned yesterday in my post about why I love summer.

Needless to say, I’m excited for more homemade lunches, picnics, and hopefully some pool time this week!

Breakfast: cereal, applesauce, bacon
Lunch: raviolis (for the family, not for me!), Italian sausage, dried zucchini cooked back up with sauce, cranberry+blue cheese+pecan salads
Dinner: Dinner with the In-Laws
Snacks, Other: didn’t get a chance yet to make these wraps fom Real Food Outlaw… hoping to squeeze it in today!, soaking oats for tomorrow’s breakfast

Breakfast: oatmeal, fresh blueberries, scrambled eggs
Lunch: chicken quesadillas (with these wraps! from Real Food Outlaw – they keep well!), berries + spinach smoothies
Dinner: leftover Italian sausage, zucchini, pasta for those inclined, side salads
Snacks, Other: soak oats for granola

Breakfast: GF biscuits, sausage gravy (I sub in rice flour to make it Gluten-Free), fresh fruit
Lunch: BLT wraps/sandwiches, fresh fruit of choice
Dinner: salmon, baked potatoes, side salads
Snacks, Other: make more flour soak flour for bread (recipe courtesy of The Elliott Homestead)

Breakfast: granola + yogurt, bacon, fruit of choice
Lunch: fresh bread, cucumber slices, radish + cottage cheese (for me. I love it!), fruit of choice
Dinner: steak, roasted cauliflower, rice stuffed in peppers
Snacks, Other: making chocolate roasted nuts

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, leftover oatmeal, smoothies
Lunch: roasted veggies, sandwiches/wraps, fruit of choice
Dinner: chicken broccoli alfredo

Breakfast: leftover day!
Lunch: leftover chicken broccoli alfredo, fruit of choice
Dinner: hot dogs, smoothies, baby carrots
Snacks, Other: soak flour for bread

Breakfast: coconut flour pancakes with blueberries, sausage
Lunch: bread, fresh veggies of choice, fruit
Dinner: homemade gnocchi (GF!), red sauce, side salads



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