Time and Meal Plans

Whew.  What a week. For those of you unaware … I work full time.  From home.  I know it sounds glorious, but if you really think about it, it creates a neurotic planning of the day.  It takes self-control to balance the two worlds – home life and work life, and not let one rule the other.

I also am taking a college class here and there, and managing several ministry opportunities.  And for good measure, throw in some planting, weeding and chickens.

I am sometimes overwhelmed and overworked.  In a world that measures your worth by how much and the quality of what you produce, this is a tough line.

So, here I am, late Sunday night, working on a meal plan.  I’m sure there are some (good) arguments regarding my use of time, and whether or not this is the best!  Well, knowing what you know about how precious my time is… it IS.  There is something reassuring to know that I have accounted for all meals in this little post.  I of course take into account my personal schedule (as much as possible) when planning what gets cooked/prepped when.  There is no wondering what I’m going to make at the end of a hard work day, and if I have the ingredients necessary.  It is DONE, it is FINISHED when I hit publish.

In a sense, the time I spend creating a grocery list and meal planning helps me balance all other things in the week, and allows greater use of my time in other ways when I’m not frantically figuring things out or making multiple trips to the store.

Breakfast: cereal, cottage bacon, fruit
Lunch: sandwiches (I had it all rolled up in lunch meat), apples
Dinner: ravioli (none for me), Italian sausage in red sauce, and broiled tomatoes
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: homemade lunchable, carrot+apple squeezy pack, parsnip chips

Breakfast: leftover frittata, leftover oatmeal, blueberries and strawberries
Lunch: turkey roll ups, cranberry+blue cheese+pecan salads
Dinner: homemade chili, GF cornbread muffins (I LOVE them!)
Snacks, Other:  Prep more homemade breakfast sausage from The Prairie Homestead
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: peanut butter jelly sandwiches, cucumber slices, strawberries

Breakfast: leftover french toast, homemade breakfast sausage, blueberries and kiwi
Lunch: strawberrries, hotdogs, carrots
Dinner: burgers, roasted broccoli, apple slices + peanut butter
Snacks, Other: soak flour for biscuits
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: hot dog, apple + carrot squeezy pack, banana

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, biscuits, smoothies
Lunch: BBQ chicken, side salads, baked potatoes (in the microwave! ain’t perfect, but it’s quick!)
Dinner: homemade pizza with italian sausage (still working on my favorite GF crust!)
Snacks, Other: making ice cream starter! (someday I will post this!)

Breakfast:LEFTOVERS! plus some bacon :)
Lunch: leftover burgers, radish + cottage cheese, smoothies
Dinner: leftover BBQ chicken, green beans, sweet potatoes
Snacks, Other: making these wraps from Real Food Outlaw

Breakfast: cereal, scrambled eggs, fruit of choice
Lunch: sandwiches (lunch meat roll ups for me!), baby carrots
Dinner: GF pasta, chicken thighs cooked in red sauce, roasted cauliflower, applesauce, ice cream :)
Snacks, Other: soak flour for bread, prepping granola, making yogurt

Breakfast: coconut flour pancakes
Lunch: fresh bread, cucumber slices, smoothies
Dinner: steak, baked potatoes, frozen veggie (will see what I still have in stock at the end of the week!)
Snacks, Other: making more granola!



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