Meal Plan 5/22 – 5/28

Hooray, hooray, it’s a new week! I’m at the end of my month and grocery budget and did fairly well.  Similar to the envelope system, I actually bought a gift card or two at the BEGINNING of the month to ensure I had something to pull from at the END of the month.  I have done this now two months and it really helps!  (I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s thing, but it works for me!)

At any rate… here’s my plan:

Breakfast:peanut butter granola from Mrs. Happy Homemaker, yogurt, strawberries
Lunch: italian sausage, red sauce, squash
Dinner:  leftover cottage pie (from last week’s meal plan)
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: homemade lunchable, cucumbers, strawberries

Breakfast: watermelon, leftover waffles, bacon
Lunch: Spicy Honey Chicken thighs, radishes + cottage cheese, grapes
Dinner: ham, asparagus, rice+beans (recipe coming soon) …cooking extra ham for tomorrow’s dinner
Snacks, Other: soak flour for these biscuits
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: grilled cheese, carrots + peanut butter, watermelon

Breakfast: biscuits, bananas, fried eggs (with tomatoes and salsa for those so inclined)
Lunch: leftover chicken thighs, roasted broccoli, watermelon
Dinner: Comfort Food: Ham & Biscuit Pot Pie, macaroni and cheese
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: leftover macaroni+cheese, ham slices, cucumbers, fresh fruit of choice

Breakfast: orange slices/pears, gluten-free bagels (splurge!), Prairie Homestead homemade breakfast sausage (nitrite/nitrate free!.. I make a batch and freeze it in smaller portions for quick thawing)
Lunch: leftover pot pie from yesterday
Dinner:  Roasted Potatoes (using the method I use in this recipe for carrots), asparagus, cheesy herbed meatloaf from The Prairie Homestead
Snacks, Other: soak oats for oatmeal tomorrow morning
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: granola + yogurt, fresh fruit, carrots + peanut butter

Breakfast: scrambled eggs + sausage + kale, pumpkin pie oatmeal
Lunch: leftover meatloaf, carrots, fresh fruit
Dinner: chicken tikka masala from The Domestic Man, rice, cauliflower

Breakfast: leftovers, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: leftover chicken, leftover cauliflower
Dinner: chili + this gluten-free cornbread
Snacks, Other: soak flour for bread from The Elliott Homestead

Breakfast: coconut flour pancakes (I add frozen blueberries!), bacon
Lunch: fresh bread, roasted broccoli, fresh fruit, deli meat of choice
Dinner: LEFTOVERS … clean out the fridge!


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