Meal Plan 5/15 – 5/21

Hooray, hooray, for this week’s meal plan!  Many of these recipes I’ve tried before… however, we are adding a wee bit of variety this week.  You are ALWAYS free to ask questions and I’m willing to share if it worked well or not.

P.S. – That meatloaf recipe below is INCREDIBLE.

Breakfast: cereal, bacon, strawberries/apples
Lunch: pasta, red sauce + sausage + zucchini
Dinner: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans (making extra potatoes to go with Shepherd’s Pie later in the week!),
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: macaroni and cheese, carrots + peanut butter, apple slices

Breakfast:homemade pineapple+beet+carrot juice, leftover GF biscuits, fried eggs with tomatoes and salsa
Lunch: salads with grilled chicken, cherries
Dinner: burgers, sweet potato fries, cucumbers, coleslaw
Snacks, Other:  making these sweet potato brownies from PaleoOMG
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: cucumbers, homemade lunchable, cherries

Breakfast: leftover oatmeal, scrambled eggs, sliced oranges
Lunch: cherries, leftovers (chicken, burgers), salads, (for me: radishes + cottage cheese)
Dinner: This Salmon Dish from Let’s Hang Out, cabbage stir-fry
Snacks, Other: Make these Cranberry Orange Spice Pumpkin Muffins from Gutsy By Nature
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: grapes,  PB+J, cucumbers

Breakfast: Leftover muffins I made yesterday, breakfast sausage, pineapple + beet + carrot juice
Lunch: ham + cheese + lettuce rollups, grapes (I might make chicken salad! Depends on how much leftover chicken I still have. My girls are NOT big protein eaters.)
Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie, roasted broccoli (I don’t have a written recipe for this. Maybe future recipe post :) )
Snacks, Other: making this peanut butter + honey granola
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: homemade lunchable, apple+spinach squeezy pack, fresh fruit (whatever I still have at this point)

Breakfast: granola (I made yesterday) + plain yogurt + maple syrup, eggs, sliced pineapple
Lunch: fresh fruit, leftover shepherds pie
Dinner: Monterey Chicken (grilled chicken + BBQ + cheese +green onions), fresh fruit, green beans, macaroni + cheese
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: leftover mac+cheese, carrots+PB, fresh fruit

Breakfast: leftovers (I should have plenty by this time!), cottage bacon, fruit of choice
Lunch: leftovers… cleaning out the fridge!
Dinner: Mission Trip Dinner! (bringing fruit to pass)
Snacks, Other: prepping bread for this recipe from The Elliott Homestead

Breakfast: coconut flour pancakes from Ditch The Wheat, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch: fresh bread, cucumbers, yogurt, fresh fruit of choice
Dinner: Church Potluck! I’m bringing this real-food broccoli casserole



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