Meal Plan: 5/8 – 5/14

I should be cautious when I say this, but I think this might actually be a normal week for us.  (BAHAHAHAHA!  Now that I’ve said it, we all know Murphy’s Law will go into full-force, and it will be anything but normal!)

I had some great success with newer recipes today (Saturday 5/7)… some of which will be posted to the blog soon (potatoes! health(ier) biscuits!).  I also tried a new homemade bread recipe that was SO.MUCH.EASIER.  Not to mention, I sliced the bread… and no crumbling.  If you’ve been making bread by hand for any length of time, you know that this can be quite a feat.

Anyway, without much further ado…

Breakfast:  cereal, eggs, bananas
Lunch: not sure yet.  We may come home and have our traditional pasta, but with it being Mother’s Day I don’t really know the plan.
Dinner: guacamole grilled cheese (or just by the spoonful for me!)
Snacks, Other: make blueberry muffins… probably this recipe from Holistic Squid
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: PBJ, cucumber slices, yogurt, applesauce

Breakfast: leftover biscuits (from this recipe from The Elliott Homestead), cottage bacon, pineapple beet carrot juice (homemade)
Lunch: salads with extra bacon or pan-fried chicken breast, applesauce, yogurt
Dinner: chicken broccoli alfredo 
Snacks, Other: homemade granola (recipe soon!)
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: homemade lunchable, carrots + peanut butter, home-canned pears

Breakfast: leftover blueberry pancakes from Ditch The Wheat (I added blueberries), homemade breakfast sausage (I use this recipe from Prairie Homestead… make a batch, freeze smaller portions in baggies), applesauce
Lunch: quesadillas with grilled chicken, carrot sticks
Dinner: grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts + bacon
Snacks, Other: Overnight chocolate oatmeal (for tomorrow morning!)
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: leftover quesadillas, cucumbers, apple slices, blueberry muffin

Breakfast: Overnight chocolate oatmeal, salmon+scrambled eggs+cream cheese+chives (leftover salmon from last night!)
Lunch: ham + cheese rollups, salads
Dinner: Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots
Snacks, Other: make homemade yogurt (I use this method from the Prairie Homestead, but use a dehydrator to maintain temperature instead)
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: PB & J, Apple +spinach squeezy pack, yogurt

Breakfast: blueberry muffins, bacon, bananas
Lunch: leftover chicken and carrots
Dinner: Italian sausage in red sauce and zucchini (pasta for those inclined)
Snacks, Other: smoky roasted almonds (recipe soon!)
Packed for Daughter’s lunch tomorrow: leftover spaghetti, peaches, slices of cheese, muffin

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, leftover oatmeal, apple slices
Lunch: peaches, leftovers from the fridge!
Dinner: cabbage stir fry, Korean beef from The Elliott Homestead
Snacks, Other: start bread with this recipe from Nourished Kitchen

Breakfast: einkorn waffles, bacon, fresh fruit
Lunch: homemade coleslaw, homemade bread (I tried this new method and loved it!), hotdogs
Dinner: bacon + green beans, homemade stuffing, paleo coconut chicken (new recipe I’m trying!)
Snacks, Other: prep breakfast for tomorrow morning!

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