Meal Plan: 4/24 – 4/30

First of all… MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF RELIEF.  Dear daughter #1 is out of school on Spring Break and 1) I have a break from prepping lunches 2) I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.
I kind of feel that my meal plan this week is a little more than I’d usually do.  However, I’m out of grocery money this money, which means I have to cook from scratch, pull out of the freezer, etc. for whatever we want to eat.
Which is REALLY not a bad thing.  Holding yourself to a budget on food really holds to using up what you have instead of letting it rot or go to waste.


Breakfast: cereal, eggs, fresh fruit, almonds
Lunch: ravioli, red sauce, chicken cooked in sauce. (THIS IS NOT A HEALTH FOOD! My ravioli comes straight out of the freezer section at the store. I’m in an Italian family that will not foresake their Sunday lunch tradition. :) )
Dinner:  sausage, white bean, kale soup.  Zucchini bread


Breakfast: waffles + bacon, carrot + beet + pineapple juice (homemade)  (I make a big batch of waffles then freeze them off into gallon baggies to pull out)
Lunch: lunchmeat sandwiches (I just roll up the meat with lettuce and skip the bread), carrot sticks, pears
Dinner: italian sausages, pasta in olive oil/garlic, sun dried tomatoes, side roasted red peppers … soak and prep white beans for tomorrow


Breakfast:  leftover zucchini bread, eggs, fresh fruit,
Lunch: leftovers from last night’s dinner, cucumber slices, apple sauce
Dinner:  BBQ chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrot sticks, brownies


Breakfast: toast, cottage bacon, pears
Lunch: leftover chicken/grilled cheese sandwiches, vanilla shakeology + spinach and berries
Dinner:  homemade pizza – using this time :)


Breakfast: granola, yogurt, frozen berries
Lunch:  beet, carrot, pineapple juice + leftover pizza (if none leftover, will make macaroni cheese)
Dinner:  steaks, potatoes, carrots, green beans + bacon


Breakfast: overnight pumpkin oatmeal, bacon, fresh fruit
Lunch:  chili (I make a big batch then freeze into smaller containers to pull out when I need a filler!)
Dinner:  chicken wings, stuffed peppers (stuffed with rice), broccoli. Prepping flour for bread tomorrow


Breakfast: waffles , scrambled eggs
Lunch: pig dogs (from Ithaca’s The Piggery), fresh bread, cucumbers
Dinner: chicken cordon bleu, french potatoes, green beans

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