Meal Plan: 4/17-4/23

Breakfast: bacon, almonds, sliced apples. Kids are also eating leftover donuts (leftover from a donut-eating contest on Saturday!)
Lunch: roasted Italian pepper with red sauce and chicken drumstick in red sauce; rest of family is also having spinach + ricotta ravioli
Dinner: … fully confess I did not have a plan.  Ended up skipping due to late lunch and over abundance of desserts around.
Snacks, Other: N/A
Packed for Girl #1 lunch tomorrow: Forgot to pack it.  Made it Monday morning instead… homemade lunchable: ham, cheese. Sliced strawberries, juice. Leftover donut for a treat. Snack packed was carrots and apples with peanut butter.

Breakfast: Fried Eggs with Tomatoes, homemade oatmeal (kids had granola + yogurt)
Lunch: radishes with cottage cheese and chives (don’t knock it ’til you try it!), granola + yogurt.  Apple slices.  Ham slices with mustard if still hungry.
Dinner: burgers topped with guacamole or blue cheese.  I will skip the bread, but the rest of the family will have this on toasted bread. Carrots and cucumber slices. Orange slices
Snacks, Other: will make peach, yogurt and honey popcicles to enjoy tomorrow. (you dump all three ingredients into a blender, pour in the molds. And that’s it.)  I’m also marinading a slab of beef for homemade jerky.
Packed for Girl #1 lunch tomorrow: peanut butter jelly sandwich, apple slices, cucumber slices. Snack will likely be cheese slices and fruit cup.

Breakfast: leftover homemade oatmeal, cottage bacon, blueberries. (frozen kind, probably dumped into the oatmeal)
Lunch: apple slices, cucumbers w/ feta.  Vanilla Shakeology + berries.  leftover burgers.
Dinner: homemade chicken parmesan (pan-fried chicken breast, gluten-free spaghetti topped homemade red sauce and mozzarella. Probably some roasted red peppers, too.)  Green Beans, too.
Snacks, Other: put jerky on dehydrator.
Packed for Girl #1 lunch tomorrow: leftover spaghetti, cucumber slices, pears, yogurt. Veggie chips for snack.  I’m also packing Thursday’s lunch, too – lunchable (ham + cheese) sweet potato+apple+blueberry squeezy pack, veggie chips. Snack – larabar + juicebox

Breakfast: waffles.  probably scrambled eggs, frozen blueberries + yogurt, too.
Lunch: – packed snacks (kale chips, jerky, fruit)
Dinner: Catered dinner in NJ, Work meeting
Snacks, Other: n/a
Packed for Girl #1 lunch tomorrow: – Already packed on Tuesday night

Breakfast: Eating it at the hotel, leftovers for others
Lunch: On the road… eating more of the packed snacks from yesterday.
Dinner: sweet potato, onion, kale, sausage scramble.  I don’t expect my kids to eat sausage (someday… I’m still reforming that picky eater!), so I will likely have scrambled eggs, mac cheese, and smoothies for them.
Snacks, Other: n/a
Packed for Girl #1 lunch tomorrow: peanut butter jelly, cucumber slices, fruit cup, yogurt. snack = veggie chips.

Breakfast: bacon, einkorn pancakes, apple slices.
Lunch: ham, cheese, mustard rollups. Vanilla Shakeology w/ mangos.  baby carrots (lots and lots of them)
Dinner: homemade pineapple, beet, carrot juice; salads with hard boiled egg and pan-fried chicken.
Snacks, Other: soak flour for bread.  Please, please, please don’t feel intimidated by this.  I make my own bread.  If you can/want to eat a healthy whole wheat/sprouted bread from a store, please do so.

Breakfast: granola + yogurt, frozen blueberries.
Lunch: homemade bread, carrots, scrambled eggs.
Dinner: broccoli, homemade chicken nuggets (google “The Domestic Man Chic Fil A copycat”). Mashed potatoes
Snacks, Other: I set out Sunday morning breakfast ahead of time as we have to get out the door very early, and girls actually eat it in the fellowship hall while husband is getting ready at church.


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