I’m not a chef for every dish.

We eat boiled broccoli, potatoes that were “baked” in the microwave and pan-fried chicken topped with a pre-bought BBQ sauce.  (I do make a great homemade one.  But I’m not making it all the time.)

Bourbon Maple BBQ Sauce - Foodies Gone Real

Yes, you read that RIGHT.

Did you know we also eat cereal in this house?  And I, on occasion buy FRUIT SNACKS.

I know there are probably real gasps, real shudders, and real giggles.

The giggles come from other people that are pushing through the same kinds of things I am: an overabundance of information, often conflicting information on what’s good and what isn’t, a schedule that is stuffed full of LOTS of other things, and a food budget that is constrictive.

You can either have extra time and extra money, but you will sacrifice your health because you’re eating cheap stuff.  You’re to have “extra” health (a.k.a. good health) and extra time, but no extra money.  (In other words, you spend a lot of money on convenient healthier foods to maintain health and time.)  You could have extra great health, and extra money, but it will be at the expense of your time.  (Last example: you will have a healthy diet, and not use all your money on your healthy food, but it’s because you’re spending your TIME in the kitchen making stuff from scratch.)

So do you see this conundrum?  As my wise husband says, “You can have what you want, but you can’t have everything.”  This is this tricky balance of healthy foods, money, and time.  And I can’t win all the time on everything, and neither can you.

I L-O-V-E to cook.  Cooking is a hobby for me, but it’s not gourmet all the time every time.  Who can afford to spend all the time they want on their hobbies?  Yeah, me either.


You don’t have to eat all these meals that take hours to create in order to eat healthily.  And I know this because I DO THIS.  I have only so much time, only so much money.  And I intend to demonstrate it… I bringing back the meal plans, y’all.

This is just as much for me as it is for you.  Way back in the day, when I posted these weekly, I was held accountable.  I felt that I needed to keep my word.  And I need that kind of financial and health accountability back.


And it’s for you… because you need to know and believe that real food CAN be purchased, made and consumed with limited time and money.  This isn’t the sphere for just the rich and free-of-time.  It’s for the average-day people trying to do the best they can with what they have.


And yes, sometimes that means fruit snacks.  (Ok, so they are the “healthy” ones, but really, y’all… fruit snacks will probably never be a health food.  Just sayin’.  Unless you make these.)

Much Love,


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