Sarah’s Musings – 6/15/15

I am so excited to recap what I saw this week!  I either tried or reposted SO MANY GOOD RECIPES!

A few other notes – not recipe related – is my post on God’s Great Mercy.  You should read it and be thankful! Oh … and a few other articles by others such as fat is not the enemy (courtesy of Time Magazine, no less!) and the most common mistakes parents make with feeding their kids.  And please check out this article that guides you into healthier (and cheaper) options than pre-packaged stuff at the supermarket.

Now, onwards!

  • Roasted tomatoes with mozzarella … yes, it really is like a pizza party in your mouth.  You won’t regret it.
  • Basil Thyme Dressing from Real Food Outlaws… I can’t wait to make this! I have oodles and oodles of fresh herbs to use up.
  • Berry Crisp … I changed this one up a tiny bit.  I used sprouted flour and substituted rhubarb for the cherries.  I also used a combination of rapadura sugar/maple syrup for the sweetener.  I just wanted to clean it up a bit.  I made it this morning and taste-tested it… and it is GOOD.
  • Three Asian dishes were made this week:  fried rice, cabbage stir-fry (just sub in more onions if you can’t find the garlic scapes!) and Korean Beef from The Elliott Homestead.  All of which are cheap per serving and super delicious.
  • My youngest figured out that she DOES, in fact, like this Ranch Dip from 100 Days of Real Food.  This Momma rejoices as I know it is the gateway to getting her to enjoy all vegetables (and not just carrots!).
  • Want a food-heaven experience?  Combine this soaked granola from Weed ‘Em And Reap and my chocolate chunks.  Maybe a few walnuts in for good measure.  You’re welcome. :)
  • We made my chicken alfredo this week.  Never ceases to please!
  • Lastly … and certainly, not least, I went to Trader Joe’s this weekend to pick up more coconut cream so I can make healthy fudgcicles.  Yes, you read that right.  Check out the recipe here.

Hope you all have a great week!  Feel free to comment what you liked and didn’t… and share any other great finds!



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