His Mercies.

Because this blog is (partially) run by me, I can do what I want to, and today it’s write about something not-food-related.  That’s your disclaimer.

I was struck this morning how God, in His great mercy, designed and allowed the earth to fruit, produce, multiply, in such a way that it can be handled from an agricultural point of view.  What do I mean? Well, the squash don’t come as the same time as the strawberries and the carrots and the pumpkins.  They require a very specific combination to do what they do – for example, strawberries start flowering when it’s cold.  Squash don’t.  (In a general sense, friends!) It’s like there is this Master-Weaver, putting all this stuff in order so that we DON’T have to do all this stuff at the same time and kill ourselves in the process.  He gives us this bounty, piece by piece, little by little.  Y’all, that’s mercy.  Because He could have designed it in such a way that we got it all at the same time, but He didn’t.

Every moment of our lives reeks of mercy – and we really just can’t see it.  The driver that wasn’t paying attention, the job we thought we wanted, the home we hoped to have.  These are all things that are orchestrated behind the scenes, and we can’t see from what He saved us.

So, in the meantime, we complain that we may have to wait for the strawberries. In reality, He’s portioning things out so we are not overwhelmed and giving us those good things as He knows for our good.  We suffer through seasons of our lives that are dismal, seemingly crippling, where it feels that He’s holding out on us. He is the Master-Weaver, the Master-Gardener, who knows what and how we should have when.

And He promises that it’s ALWAYS for the good of those who love Him, and for His glory.

The End.

(Now go eat some strawberries!)

His Mercies - Foodies Gone Real


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