Sarah’s Musings – 6/7/15

My world is starting to get exciting again in the realm of food.  For those of you not following along on Facebook (you should, really!), we made a big move to a home that’s (nearly) finished and towards a lifestyle that will require more work, but greater reward and blessing (homesteading).  You can read about that adventure here.  Thankfully, we didn’t bite off a bunch of homesteading projects this summer (thank you, dear Husband, for your wisdom there! Because you know if I made all the decisions by myself we’d have a cow, two pigs, 20 chickens and COMPLETE CHAOS. And absolutely no money. Haha.)

So when I say it’s getting exciting again what I REALLY mean is that I’m back in the kitchen, full force, not taking shortcuts.  I lost four pounds over the last few weeks from this “getting back on track” and am glad to be rid of convenience foods.  (Ok, so in my defense, I never went hardcore back to the dark side.  But there were alot of carbs, alot of snacking, and just not alot of planning or self-control.)

So … on to the real point of this entry… what did I do this week?


Why sleep is important to your health, not just exercise and diet.  Read it here.

How your egg allergy may be something else … a.k.a. a soy allergy.  Read it here.  (I can’t preach this one enough! Those of you that have heard my sermon [in person] on the care of animals and the feed that conventional animals are fed know this is a huge thing for me! Don’t write off ANY fruits, veggies, meats, dairy, etc. as an allergy until you have tried eating its cleanest version. It could be an allergy to the pesticide used, or type of additive.  Go raw/organic/unpasteurized/etc. before writing it off!)

Because every Momma has had days like this.  Maybe not to the point of the cat mess (just read it!) but we’ve had days, I tell ya!  Read it here.

Follow my adventures on instagram… a little bit of food, scenery, farming.  Check it out here.  (@foodies_gone_real)


You’ve got to try this honey spiced glazed chicken (recipe here).  Recipe very easy to halve or double to your needs.  And so good that I WISH I doubled so I could eat more of it.

THIS.  This cherry limeade.  You really must try it.  Wholesome and CRAZY GOOD.

Happy Sunday … and let me know if you find anything else good!


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