Sarah’s Musings 3/29/15

This week was spent AGAIN recovering from sickness.  I seriously appreciated the value of learning (a long time ago, generally speaking) which foods we like as leftovers… because of those things that I just make out of habit, we all could still eat this week. ;-)

Towards the end of last week, I did get back into the kitchen, tried out a few new things.  I think the biggest thing I want to R-A-V-E about are these incredible oatmeal breakfast cookies from Back to the Book Nutrition.  The recipe can be found here.  (If you follow this blog regularly, you should check her out! Her mission is so spot-on with ours!)

This is a crazy interesting read on how changing up the cooking method of plain ol’ white rice reduces the calories and makes the once simple carbohydrates not so simple.  Check out this post from the Washington Post on the how-to!

This is a great article from on eating healthy… it’s no surprise that eating healthy, or going organic, or any number of any of health exchanges, is going to likely be more expensive.  I have a blog post coming up on the HOW we do this (with specific numbers!) but this is a great article to read in the meantime if you start the change. Look for my upcoming post!

P.S. – I promise to post the chicken cordon bleu, soon, too!

Love you all!


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