Salmon Teriyaki Recipe Review: from “Paleo Takeout”

If you ever followed my meal plans or facebook page, you notice that I often link up to recipes from the blog, The Domestic Man. Just IMAGINE my foodie-fan-pysch when Russ Crandall, the mastermind behind this intelligent blog, asked for volunteers to test out new recipes for his yet-unreleased cookbook. I was geeking out!

I signed up for his facebook book group and got to pick which recipe: I picked Salmon Teriyaki.

Salmon Teriyaki Recipe Review - Foodies Gone Real

First off: the sauce was SO EASY to make.  I’m not afraid of a little work, though, but love it when I can find something that will be easy to throw together when I’m short on time.  I imagine this sauce will be phenomenal with just about any other meat with which you pair it.

More important than ease of preparation was the flavor.  I’m not exaggerating when I say I could just eat the sauce by the spoonful.  (And let’s be real, here: I did! Afterall, I’m a tester, so I’ve got to test the sauce a FEW times in order to give proper feedback, right?!)

Salmon Teriyaki Recipe Review - Foodies Gone Real

Next note of appreciation: that he prescribed three different ways to cook the salmon.  I consider myself a pretty accomplished cook, but had no idea about these other ways to cook salmon! (Maybe I’m not so accomplished with seafood. ;-) ) I chose pan fried, and his instructions worked like a charm.

While all this goodness was going on, I also made my signature recipe of fried rice and boiled some broccoli.

Salmon Teriyaki Recipe Review - Foodies Gone Real

This was outstanding, and the recipe made enough that I now have some to store away in my freezer (for more easy cooking nights!).  If the goal is to make these foods as a) easy as takout and b) tasty as takeout and c) healthy and not damaging to my body, then SUCCESS!  There are loads of other recipes in the cookbook (not just asian!) so I look forward to reading more!

Wondering how you can get your hands on the recipe?  Well, the book isn’t released yet! So put it on your wishlist, preorder it on Amazon, do something to get your hands on this cookbook!  This book is D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y going on my wishlist!

If you are wanting to try more of Russ’ recipes before the cookbook release, check out some of the following recipes that I can personally recommend (because we make and enjoy them regularly in this house!)

Salisbury Steak (ate it just last week!)

Chic-Fil-A copycat nuggets

Eye of Round Roast

Tilapia Taco Salad

Chicken Tikka Masala

In no way was I compensated for my time or positive review of this recipe, blog, or “Paleo Takeout”. This is me just being a crazy fan of a fellow foodie!

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