Sarah’s Musings – 2/28/15

I have found that I read an incredible amount of good articles, posts, etc. throughout the week and it’s just too much to share with you on facebook.

I try to pick my favorite “finds” to post for you there – new recipes that look interesting, health related news, a new cooking technique, favorite foods.  But I also know that a) not all of it gets to you in your news feed (thanks to facebook algorithms) and b) there are still more things I’d like to share!

The reason I ever changed my diet, lifestyle and way of evaluating food came from being a veracious reader.  (Well, there’s more to the “reason” than that, but I’m trying to keep my intro short!) I spent probably the better part of the year just reading information before easing into any changes.  So, to better enable you all to make the same type of choices – voila! – a weekly post about my favorite things found around the web this week.

P.S. – Many of these will be food related, some will not.  Why? Because our mission – our hope – is to be authentic, to be real – and we all know that how we eat and what we eat isn’t always just about what’s around the house and if we’re hungry or not.  God is at work within us and around us all the time!  Sometimes God might use something totally “not” related to honoring the body He gave you (1 Corinthians 6:12) to get your attention.  The health of our relationship with food is so often tied to the health of our relationship of the Creator of that food.

Did you hear that part?  I’ll say it again… and I’m preaching at myself (the girl who ate a ton of junk at Christmas!)…

The health of our relationship with food is so often tied to the health of our relationship of the Creator of that food.

So! On to my finds…

  • Event at Hamilton College to hear Kristin Kimball, author of “The Dirty Life”, and her husband Mark.  I haven’t read her book, but as I move towards gardening, farming, homesteading, I am a sponge for all related information.  Kristin was a journalist, that through a series of events, moved from NYC to upstate NY to become a farmer and a sort-of sustainable, real-food activist.  See the invite here.
  • Oh! A very interesting article on resolving the (often, semi-reliable) bouts of depression related to women’s hormonal cycle. You can read it here.
  • Made these awesome and incredible lemon-blueberry scones this week! It was like spring in my mouth! Check out this recipe from Diane Sanfilippo here.
  • “Even When I Cannot See”: a beautiful post about being a work in progress, and that God uses the ugly heart-wrenching things, too.  Read it here at Scribbles and Crumbs.
  • Three favorite facebook pictures that might make you smile, laugh, or ponder:  here, here & here
  • I’ve been bragging about my recipe for chocolate roasted nuts (here) because once you substitute hazelnuts for all the nuts… it tastes like nutella.  I die.
  • Posted a new recipe last week! Yummy marinated chicken wings.  See the recipe here.  Fun story:  I accidentally deleted it, but I have since restored it.  Sorry if you missed it!
  • I’m now on instagram! Follow me here! (@foodies_gone_real)
  • This article from the LA Times – even for the active, a “long sit” erodes health, which is consistent with other data that states sitting still for 3 hours or more does as much damage to your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
  • Been lots of chatter and repostings on facebook on how to peel a boiled egg! Here’s one method I can personally recommend from Courtney at “Revived Kitchen” here.
  • I posted this recipe on facebook after having tried it, and it turns out, others have tried it and LOVED it! I think you don’t need any more evidence to try it out for yourself.  It’s from “Damn Delicious” here. (And I licked the bowl clean of the leftover sauce!!)
  • LOVED this article from “Keeper of the Home” titled “When the Line Between Need and Want Gets Blurred (and the preposterous numbers of ways to use a stick blender”. Favorite quote:

When I’m being honest about it, I need far less than I would prefer to believe that I do.Need is such a relative and ambiguous term, and our wants creep in so stealthily until the distinction between need and want becomes smudged and smeared and so mixed up that we can’t make out the black from white, but only a blurry mess of gray.

What did you find worthy of reading this week? Feel free to comment below!


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