Meal Plan for Week of 06-29-14

Hello again!

Time for what’s up in my kitchen this week!

You might notice a small difference with our veggie portion of our meals:  We are participating in this year’s CSA (community-shared agriculture) from a local farm; I don’t often have a lot of notice on WHAT we’re getting this week, but I know we’re getting alot!

If you see some repeats from recent meal plans it’s either 1) we really loved it and want it again or 2) I didn’t get to make it.  How is this possible if I’m sticking to my meal plan?  EASY! I always make enough for leftovers, and we have at least one or two meals a week that become leftovers ONLY.

Small disclaimer:  I’ve made many of these recipes, but not all! If you’d like to know which ones I find tried and true, just ask!


BREAKFAST: soaked oatmeal, strawberries, scrambled eggs topped with guacamole
LUNCH: peas, grilled chicken with this Chipotle BBQ Sauce, garlic toast
DINNER: burgers, side salad with blue cheese dressing (and hard boiled egg), garlic scapes with Parmesan, orange slices
EXTRAS: soak oats for granola


BREAKFAST: coco-nutty granola with yogurt, scrambled eggs topped with tomatoes & onions, orange slices
LUNCH: nitrate-free ham+lettuce+tomato in almond-flour wrap, steamed broccoli, apple slices
DINNER: chop salad, Peach Honey Yogurt Popsicles, roasted tomatoes (no recipe yet!)


BREAKFAST: bacon, egg, cheese and onion scramble, smoothies
LUNCH: apples with peanut butter, grilled chicken topped with red sauce, miniature chop salad
DINNER: beef and broccolifried rice
EXTRAS: soak flour for biscuits


BREAKFAST: super berry smoothie, soaked biscuits, scrambled eggs
LUNCH: salmon topped with applewood smoked salt, baked sweet potatoes, *CSA Veggie*
DINNER: potato gratin with leeks and thyme (no dairy!), balsamic marinaded chicken with fresh basil, miniature chop salad


BREAKFAST: omelettes with peppers, onions, cheese; apple slices, (toast if still hungry)
LUNCH:  coconut protein bars, nitrate-free ham+lettuce+tomato in almond-flour wrap, peas,
DINNER: lemony chickpea salad, chicken piccata (subbing sprouted flour for their flour), *CSA Veggie*
EXTRAS: start probiotic lemonade


BREAKFAST: toast (from this soaked bread), homemade breakfast sausage, bananas + strawberries,
LUNCH: Smoothies, stir-fry lemon peas with chicken (sub arrowroot powder for cornstarch, butter for oils), blueberries
DINNER: slow-cooked BBQ ribs (brown them, smother in BBQ sauce, let them cook for 6hrs!), roasted potatoes and roasted carrots, small chop salad
EXTRAS: soak flour for bread


BREAKFAST: coconut flour pancakes with added blueberries, bacon
LUNCH: herbed meatloaf (probably meatloaf sandwiches), peas, side salad with blue cheese dressing
DINNER: roasted onion chicken (will be cooking just half), healthy gravy, *CSA vegetables*, baked potatoes
EXTRAS: bake bread, bake sprouted blueberry muffins



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