Meal Plan for Week of 4-27-14

Hi folks! It’s time for my meal plan.  I plan out my meals for every day as it helps me spend my resources wisely.  (See previous plans by clicking this link)

Also, if you’re new here, I’d recommend reading this post and this post to understand why I eat what I eat.

If you see some repeats from recent meal plans it’s either 1) we really loved it and want it again or 2) I didn’t get to make it.  How is this possible if I’m sticking to my meal plan?  EASY! I always make enough for leftovers, and we have at least one or two meals a week that become leftovers ONLY.

Small disclaimer:  I’ve made many of these recipes, but not all! If you’d like to know which ones I find tried and true, just ask!


BREAKFAST: scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, sliced apples
LUNCH: pasta (family cheat meal!)*, homemade refried beans with guacamole
DINNER: cinnamon struessel grain-free muffins (PLEASE make sure you sub grass-fed butter or coconut oil, arrowroot for xantham, and rapadura or maple for granulated sugar!), smoothies with hidden spinach, nitrite-free hotdogs
EXTRAS: making homemade jello! looks crazy easy. Will be my first attempt.
*This is my family’s “cheat” meal of the week.  I do not partake (hence the second option) because I can feel pretty awful after white pasta!


BREAKFAST: bacon egg cheese breakfast muffins
LUNCH: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (with this soaked bread), fresh fruit of choice
DINNER: Jerk Chicken (I will be just using a normal jalapeno instead of their recommended pepper) with avocado and rice 
EXTRAS: soak oats for granola


BREAKFAST: scrambled eggs, smoothies (hidden spinach!)
LUNCH: pumpkin spice popovers, fresh fruit of choice,
DINNER:  Maple & Orange BBQ Sauce over chicken legs, sliced pears, bacon-wrapped green beans (PLEASE sub rapadura/maple instead of brown sugar!)
EXTRAS: make soaked granola!, soak wheat for biscuits


BREAKFAST: soaked biscuits, bacon, fresh fruit of choice
LUNCH: teddy bear toast (and with the extra fruit used to make it :-D), roasted carrots and onions
DINNER: Chic-Fil-A Copycat nuggets (crazy healthy, too!), smoothies (hidden spinach!)
EXTRAS: Make sweet potato apple fruit leather,


BREAKFAST: toast (from this soaked bread), homemade sausage, sliced pears
LUNCH:   carrot sticks with ranch dip (I add chopped dried mushrooms to this mix and it makes it DIVINE), fresh fruit of choice, scrambled eggs
DINNER: Strip Steak with compound butterchop salad
EXTRAS:  make caramel corn


BREAKFAST: coconut flour pancakes (I add 1c blueberries to the mix), bacon
LUNCH: chipotle chili, “corn” muffins, apples
DINNER: Mustard Crusted Chicken (I plan to sub almond meal for the panko), mashed potatoes, side salad with ranch dressing
EXTRAS: soak wheat for bread


BREAKFAST: toast, fresh fruit of choice, scrambled eggs
LUNCH: Creamy Balsamic Dressing on a salad of lettuce, spinach, chopped pecans, apples (and maybe some more stuff!), apple slices with peanut butter
DINNER: chicken fried steak with gravy (I had to make some SERIOUS real food conversions with this. Enough so that it might warrant me eventually writing out my own recipe, but for now, it has to do), steamed broccoli,  berries with custard
EXTRAS: make bread


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