what does food have to do with it…

As I have said before, my days are busy homeschooling my children on top of trying to make wise choices in our foods.  I often combine processes to knock out two birds with one stone to make it manageable.  Today while I was reviewing some math facts we made lunch.  Which made me reevaluate my decision to homeschool.  (I probably do this three times a week when the days are long or frustrating.)  I looked at my children’s plates for reassurance that homeschooling is a great choice for eating well.

Many packed lunches or cafeteria lunches are full of processed foods.  Do you have to pack those things? Of course not, but the temptation to eat the wrong choices can be overwhelming.  I truly am not judging those who are not in the situation to homeschool,  but if you can chose to homeschool it might be a good reason to.  I guarantee you that no one cares about your little ones as much as you do.

Another word to educators, your students are watching you.  Encourage healthy eating!20140404_124648



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