Meal Plan for Week of 3-9-13

Hi folks! It’s time for my meal plan.  I plan out my meals for every day as it helps me spend my resources wisely.


BREAKFAST: soaked pumpkin pie oatmeal, bacon, pineapple
LUNCH: pasta*, leftovers
DINNER: Roasted Broccoli & Cheese Soup, Soaked bread


BREAKFAST: eggs, fresh fruit of choice, bread of choice (toast, oatmeal, cereal)
LUNCH: Leftover soup, yogurt, Paleo Pumpkin Spice Popovers
DINNER: Hamburgers, smoothies
EXTRAS: Soak wheat for biscuits tomorrow morning!


BREAKFAST: soaked wheat biscuits, bacon, fruit of choice
LUNCH: leftovers, yogurt, grilled cheese with soaked bread and tomato soup
DINNER: Morroccan Chicken, Roasted potatoes (olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme and viola!), peas
EXTRAS: Makin’ Freezer Fudge!


BREAKFAST: Paleo breakfast cookies, eggs
LUNCH: fresh fruit of choice, yogurt, peanut butter sandwiches, leftovers
DINNER: Steak with Honey Chipotle Sauce (I reduce the amount of chipotle, and we love spicy stuff, so use caution!), rice, carrots with homemade hummus (recipe soon, hopefully!)


BREAKFAST: bread of choice (toast, oatmeal, cereal), fruit of choice
LUNCH: Almond Flax Bread with butter, smoothies, peanut butter spoons, leftovers
DINNER: Monterrey Chicken, broccoli, gluten-free cheese garlic biscuits (*I CAN’T RECOMMEND THESE ENOUGH!)
EXTRAS: Cheese Cracker recipe with sprouted flour


BREAKFAST: Greek omelettes/scrambled eggs, fresh fruit of choice
LUNCH: leftovers, homemade chicken nuggets (chic-fil-a copycat, no junk!), smoothies
DINNER: white wine salmon, peas, roasted carrots (adding potatoes this time!)
EXTRAS: Soak wheat for homemade bread tomorrow


BREAKFAST: Paleo gingerbread pancakes, bacon
LUNCH: yogurt, fresh fruit of choice, fresh bread
DINNER: crockpot sesame chicken (substituting arrowroot for cornstarch, and using GF soy sauce), rice, broccoli, peppermint truffles (REAL FOOD! No junk, white sugar, etc.)
EXTRAS: Soak oats for oatmeal tomorrow morning!

*This is the big “cheat” meal in our house.  I don’t usually partake since it does not agree with the belly.

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