Weekly Meal Plan – 2/9/14

We often get asked “What do you eat?” and, “Don’t you get bored with _____________?”  So I’m trying out something new and posting the meal plan.

Crazy thing: I do this weekly meal plan ANYWAY without the blog! In order to eat real food on a budget, it takes careful planning.  There are, of course, some contingencies (no impulse buys, etc., and other balanced financial advice). However, it CAN work!  When you’re buying less processed food, making more things yourself, buying meats in bulk (like 1/4 of a steer, for example), you find ways to save money.

A couple of days before I go grocery shopping, I create several days’ worth of meal plans (I try to plan around 10 days).  This includes all three meals and some snacks.  (Just a note: when you eat real food there’s less need for snacking as you are more full!)  From this plan, I create my grocery list.  I usually estimate how much each item will cost me to make sure I will stay within budget; it also means I stick very strictly TO the grocery list.  I do not go grocery shopping more than once a week, and I try to stretch it to 10 days. (I don’t have any references at this time, but I’ve read it from tens of sources that stretching as long as you can manage between shopping trips saves money!)  However, I understand that this really is an acquired skill for someone who doesn’t have as many bulk things stored up, or is accustomed to the habit of stopping by the grocery store a few times a week as needed.  Hence, I have broken my plans into weekly plans.  Going only once a week is a great goal to start with!

So what are we eating this week? I present to you the meal plan for the week of February 9th, 2014!


Breakfast: eggs, fresh fruit of choice, toast
Lunch: Pasta*, leftovers
Dinner: Dutch baby pancakes, carrots + hummus
(will soak oats for oatmeal Monday breakfast)


Breakfast: eggs, oatmeal, fresh berries
Lunch:  yogurt, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, fresh kale+apple juice
Dinner: hamburgers, baked cauliflower tots (I will be using full-fat cheese & substituting almond flour for the cornmeal)
(make fruit roll ups with fresh fruit)


Breakfast: bacon, smoothies (yogurt+fruit+liquid), bread of choice (oatmeal, cereal, bread)
Lunch: fresh berries, scrambled eggs, leftovers

Dinner: Paprika and Rosemary spiced chicken, brussel spouts with bacon and aged cheddar, side of rice

(will start to dehydrate salted sweet potato chips)

WEDNESDAY (This is our one serious crazy night a week. My goal is to cook something, but I often have to decide sort of at the last minute, so I try to keep my options open):

Breakfast: eggs, breakfast juice, bread of choice (oatmeal, cereal, bread)
Lunch:  yogurt, peanut butter spoons, fresh fruit/berries of choice, leftovers
Dinner: lime & cilantro chicken, guacamole, OR French Onion Soup OR chicken nuggets w/ sweet potato chips (no recipe for the chips yet… still testing my own recipe!)
(will have popcorn as a snack tonight, popping extra to make caramel corn tomorrow)
(soak oats for granola, soak wheat for pot pie for tomorrow night)


Breakfast:  smoothies, sausage, bread of choice (oatmeal, cereal, bread)
Lunch: peaches, leftovers, caramel corn
Dinner: ham & biscuit pot pie (*no posted recipe for this yet… this is my final “testing!” if all goes well I’ll post a recipe soon!)
(dehydrate granola)


Breakfast:  eggs, fruit of choice, bread of choice (granola, cereal, bread)
Lunch: leftovers (grown ups) , yogurt, peanut butter spoons
Dinner: homemade chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, peas w/ onion (no recipe for this yet as I’m still testing. Needless to say, you can just cook frozen peas instead!)

SATURDAY (I make bread every Saturday, and that’s our loaf for the week):

Breakfast:  bacon, coconut pancakes
Lunch: leftovers (OR make french onion soup if didn’t earlier in the week?), homemade bread, fresh fruit that’s available

SNACKS FOR THE WEEK: extra yogurt, extra fruit, soaked granola, homemade fruit roll-ups, caramel corn, sweet potato chips, popcorn. I also buy Annie’s macaroni and cheese in bulk in case of emergencies.

*I allow my family to have a cheat meal.  I don’t usually partake as unsoaked/unsprouted wheat does nasty stuff to me. This cheat meal is usually pasta with red sauce.


One thought on “Weekly Meal Plan – 2/9/14

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