A refocus for the new year

While I made no secret of how I ate over the holidays, I didn’t necessarily refocus as soon as the New Year hit, just all the other “resolution-setters”.  However, my pastor and father-in-law (he’s both to me!) is so good, every year, to preach about refocusing, re-prioritizing, etc., in January.

I didn’t get to hear this sermon live as we were getting over Christmas germs (probably not helped by Christmas food!), but was told almost as soon as it was over that I just HAD to watch/listen to it.  He listed the following questions as topics as his focus for the year:

  1. How can I make better choices?
  2. How can I have better health?
  3. How can I deepen my relationship with God?
  4. How can I improve my relationship with others?

If you click on this youtube video, it will start you off where he speaks about the obligation to take care of one’s body:

If you’d like to listen to the whole sermon (I promise! so worth it!), you can watch it here:

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