Here’s to a new year…

Have you noticed yet that it’s been weeeeeeeeeeks since the last post?  Well, here’s my excuse:  I went on vacation. (It should also be noted that I made just a couple of wise food choices.  I tried to stay carb-free, but yet, I still had pie on Thanksgiving.  And I ate the crust.) Obviously, I wasn’t on vacation for 6 weeks…. so what happen inbetween?

I caught strep-throat at the end of that vacation.  My girls had it before me.  We all got pink eye.

I did what any natural-heal-your-body-with-food Momma would do.  I rested. Guzzled vitamin-rich veggies and fruits.  (Of course, only once I got home.) At some soup.  Took a ton of echinecea.  And what happened?  I got *mildly* better.  When my throat was so raw and lymph nodes so swollen, pills were getting tricky, I went to the doctor and went on an antibiotic (and another drug, because at that point they were nervous about my throat closing up on me).  I think what went wrong is that my body was sssssooooooo depleted on nutrition in the weeks leading up to my exposure to strep that my body had no resources to get better. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have ever needed medical intervention, but the poor diet choices certainly did not help!

So that was the first half of December.  And of course, we all know how nuts the second half of December can be.  So I’m not going to even make an excuse about that.

How was my Christmas?  I followed the same rule at Thanksgiving.  Pretty much ate what I wanted.

And guess what?  I am feelin’ it.

I ate all sorts of terrible things and didn’t blink.  However, I am still recovering from what feels like a never-ending exhaustion.  Still trying to turn away from sugar.  (I don’t actually keep white sugar in my house.  However, we have an obnoxious amount of candy.) I won’t begin to describe what it did to digestion. I am feeling better now this week having been pretty clear of gluten, GMOs and only taking in properly prepared grains.

Do I regret it? Of course! Did I learn a valuable lesson or two? Absolutely:

1) Improperly prepared grains (so think any white or whole wheat that’s not soaked) has wreaked havoc on my body for years and I didn’t even know what those symptoms were.  I didn’t know until indulging in them without thought. I didn’t realize that how I felt was simply not normal, especially with all things related to digestion. I am resolved to not feel like this again.

2) If I cannot get the grain properly prepared, I will opt for gluten-free.  See point #1.

3) If GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are slowly ripping apart my gut (read a recent article here), is it any wonder that when you introduce the naughty kind of wheat that you feel like garbage? Not really. I am more determined now than ever to cut out the hidden GMOs.  (This one is going to be hard.)  I’m sure that there are people reading this that either don’t have an opinion on GMOs or have a different opinion than I — and that’s ok.  However, my thought is to play it safe.

4) Because of all these errors and feeling pretty awful, sick and tired this last month, I have perfected a nutritious and filling chicken and rice soup.  No joke…. husband says it’s the best chicken soup he’s ever had.  And he is my most honest food critic (if he doesn’t tell me what’s wrong, I’m probably going to repeat it!). Recipe coming soon :)

All of that aside, I am determined to experiment more, post more of my musings, and be more involved with this thing.   And if you haven’t heard, my co-blogger, partner-in-crime, surrogate-auntie-to-my-children, Eleilia, is moving away from me.  So we’re going to need this blog big-time just to share ideas! And you all can keep in touch with her foodie activities here, too.


One thought on “Here’s to a new year…

  1. Judy Territt January 3, 2014 at 6:13 am Reply

    I splurged also, I think that’s why I got sick.
    Not that Zander and Ady were coughing all
    Over me!

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