Training Little Temples

This is Eleilia.  We really need to fix this.  Anyways, often when I talk to younger moms, I strive to remind them of the awesome responsibilities of being a mom.  The Bible states in 1 Corinthians 6:19 that our bodies are the temple of the Lords.  He also stresses over and over again to instruct our children to do what is right.

Growing up, I heard over and over again to just give the left overs to the kids because they won’t know any better.  (Just for clarification, that was not my parents.  They gave us the best.)  Statements like that make me cringe.  Obviously,  my kids eat junk, but I am trying to get them to make better choices on their own.  That way they know how to eat when they grow up.  I have little temples that I am in charge of.  That is big stuff!  Christ paid the ultimate price for them.  Certainly, I can give them real food.

Today for dessert, they asked for organic cantelope and coconut whipped cream!  Image

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